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Yateley May Fayre Monday 1st May 2017

After yet another marvellous May Fayre in 2016, Yateley Lions are now in the process of organising the Yateley May Fayre 2017. The arena acts, booked many months ago, include ROCKWOOD DOGS DISPLAY TEAM, PAVCC FIELD GUN DISPLAY and SANDHURST & DISTRICT CORPS OF DRUMS and new for this year a VEHICLE SHOW. It is also intended to continue with other popular activities such as the Dog Show and Car Boot.


The event, as always, will be held on The Green, Reading Road, Yateley and runs from 10.30am to 5.00pm and stalls can set up from 7.30am (with cars being removed from the field by 10.00am).


To simplify the process please complete and provide all relevant forms and documentation with your booking. *The prices, amazingly, are still unchanged.*

Booking Information


Information only - 5 (administration fee for Lions insurance cover)*

Fundraising - 30 (including administration fee for Lions insurance cover)*

*N.B. if evidence of existing public liability insurance cover is provided at the time of booking 5 can be deducted from the fee to be enclosed.

A blank risk assessment form is enclosed together with instructions and a sample. Please complete as appropriate and return with your booking form.

STANDARD COMMERCIAL STALLHOLDER PITCH FEE IS 60 - evidence of insurance cover and a risk assessment will need to be made available at the time of booking.

PLEASE NOTE: Franchises for commercial fairground rides and a commercial catering trailer have been granted and we may, therefore, be unable to accept other similar commercial enterprises.

Please complete and return
with your payment, risk assessment and evidence of insurance - to:-

Phil Ranger, Fundraising Chairman, Yateley & District Lions Club,

c/o Council Offices, Reading Road, Yateley, Hampshire GU46 7RP, (Tel: 0845 833 9915)

Yateley May Fayre 2017 Booking Form


Contact: Telephone:



Principal Activity:


Special Requirements:


Selling food: Please ensure you are conversant with health and hygiene requirements

Number of pitches required: (standard size 5m x 5m)

Adjacent pitches required: Yes/No (N.B. Pitches will be allocated on the day)

Please make cheques payable to Yateley & District Lions Club

For a Receipt enclose a SAE or print clearly your email address below:



Data Protection Act

I confirm that I give my consent to the details provided on this form being retained by Yateley and District Lions Club on a database in a manner that accords with the Data Protection Act for the purposes of organising the Yateley May Fayre and keeping me informed of future events.


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