Yateley & District Lions Club - Yateley May Fayre


Instructions for completion of Risk Assessment by Stallholder

Click here to see an example Risk Assessment


Click Here to download a blank risk assessment form


1          Insert the name of your organisation and the name of the person completing the risk assessment document.


2           Complete the columns for each activity as follows:


Column Heading



Sequential numbering of the activity or task

Activity or Task

A brief description of the activity or task e.g. erect tent, barbecue, tombola etc

Potential Hazard

Identification of the hazard e.g. tent collapsing, fire spreading from bbq, table collapsing etc


Likely result of hazard e.g. injuries to operators, burns to operators and public, injuries to operators and public etc

Control Measures

The measures you have in place to minimise the likelihood of the hazard occurring e.g. use trained and experienced operators, ensure bbq is sited away from combustible material, use sturdy well maintained tables etc


The actions you have in place to ensure that your control measures are maintained e.g. appoint team leader, check bbq frequently, check frequently to ensure stability maintained etc


3                     Date the document and return it with your booking form.


The above is just an example of what should be included.  Risk assessments will be different for each stall and will be dependant upon the activity being presented. If you are unsure about anything please do not hesitate to ask us.


A risk assessment is required for insurance purposes but more importantly it demonstrates that you have thought through your activities with the intention of minimising any risk. It should be shared with all your operatives so that they are all aware of what is required and expected of them.


Although the preparation of a risk assessment may seem to be quite a daunting task for some, broken down into individual activities and tasks it is more a case of just documenting common sense. We want the Yateley May Fayre to be a happy, safe and prosperous event, to be enjoyed by all who come there to work and play. We hope you will agree that a little bit of effort being put into the preparation will help with these aims.


Thank you for your cooperation.


Yateley Lions