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Mayor’s Award for dedication to service

We were proud of our President, Phil and Secretary, Dave for their Mayor’s Award for dedication to service. They have been members of our Lions club for over 30 years each! We are fortunate in Yateley and District Lions Club to have many long-standing members who have freely given their time and volunteered for many years. We are grateful to them, not just within Lions, but within our community.

Secretary David Myland receiving his Award from the Mayor

President Philip Ranger also was given an Award but was unable to attend as he was serving the community elsewhere at the time.


Since becoming members, we see first-hand just what this level of commitment has meant for our club and community. Without Phil and Dave (and Julie our Treasurer) we would struggle to continue because we need them to deal with the business aspects. We need so many more members to come forward, if you are able and willing to to look to those business aspects in time, then that will be great (and there is training and support available for those individuals) but we also need members and volunteers to help us continue to serve the community, support individuals and organisations in times of need, and help us put on the many community events that we do for everyone’s enjoyment.

From all the fundraising we do, all the monies raised go back into helping so many. Our admin costs are covered by our nominal member fees.

We also would love to welcome you as a friend we can call on when we need extra volunteers for events and activities – maybe you would be up for that? Maybe you have questions, just reach out and contact any of us Lions to find out more.

Back to Phil Ranger and David Myland…




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